Frequently Asked Questions


Because we make your items to order we need time to make your items fresh.

Orders are shipped the same week they are ordered.

We ship on Mondays through Thursdays to ensure that items are not held in warehouses or trucks over the weekend.

Based upon the circumstances we will either offer a credit for the damaged portion of the shipment or remake the order and ship at our expense. Customer MUST provide pictures of the outside of the box and the contents. All claims must be filed with us within 3 days of receiving the items. It is our decision as to which if any option is offered.

We use UPS as our shipper. Shipping cost are calculated by weight, distance and box size for North America locations.  

All orders $250 or more will qualify for free shipping.

We use a combination of ice pack and dry ice to help keep our Bonbons cold during shipping.

Bourbon Bonbons has been shipping chocolates since 2017 in all months and every weather condition. Our policy is to ship on Mondays through Thursdays. If the shipper can deliver in a 1-2 day period we will ship later in the week. Each box will contain the necessary amount to ice packs and dry ice to maintain the integrity of the Bonbons. In the hotter months a small amount of melting is possible.


We do not accept returns.