Our Story

Melissa and Ken Robinson have been in the business of producing pastries and sweets since 2003. Bourbon Bonbons began in 2017 after demand grew for their signature take on a classic bourbon ball recipe. They created a confection which preserves the complex flavor profile of a quality Kentucky Bourbon, while delivering a buttery-smooth and decadent finish.

In recent years, the pair have partnered with various esteemed distilleries in the Bluegrass region to craft custom made house-label confections. 

Customers can find their distinctive gold boxes in refrigerated aisles of major grocery retailers and artisanal shops. Ken and Melissa regularly supply sweets for special events and work with catering houses in the Lexington, KY area and beyond. Customers include Gourmet Grocery Stores, Craft Distilleries, Thoroughbred Racing Facilities, Catering Services, Boutique Hotels, and Restaurants. 

If you are a Distillery, Retailer or Caterer - please contact us directly to learn more about special rates.

The Small Batch Experts

Small is Better: Bourbon Bonbons are made with love in small batches. Seems most southern families have their own secret recipe, but none can compare to ours. We know you will never settle for less and neither will we.

Only the Best Ingredients

Kentucky Bourbon is special to us and we use a custom blend that sets our flavor apart from others. All chocolate is also custom blended to give our thin shell its distinctive snap and a taste profile which complements all aspects of our Bonbons. The pecans utilized in our signature flavor are sourced from Southern groves. Each buttery-smooth Bonbon center is the result of mixing our key ingredients in a particular way. Preservatives are avoided to showcase the quality of each ingredient. This requires that our Bonbons be refrigerated until served.